Monday, February 28, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dried Flowers

I just ordered from dried flowers to make the floral arrangements for the wedding from Dried Flowers Direct.  I was a little disappointed that a lot of the varieties I wanted to order were sold out, but I am really happy with my final selections. Seriously, you can't go wrong with Annobium, Larkspur, Lavender, Purple Majesty, Natural Green Wheat and Achillea ... can't wait to see and smell them in person! 


Sunday, February 13, 2011


If you're having trouble finding something to wear, just wear a barrel with suspenders...

Or, you could make your own barrel out of cardboard like this costume-loving blog dude ...

Friday, February 11, 2011

For the dudes: hobo-ing it up, Dr. Dog-style

Thanks to Christiana, tonight I'm going to see Dr. Dog and Buried Beds play at the Electric Factory, two amazing bands with their roots here in West Philly. This got me thinking ... what better inspiration for hobo style for the dudes than Dr. Dog? Mad points for anyone who makes a newspaper suit to wear to the wedding ...

If you don't know the music of Dr. Dog, I urge you to listen. Their music is different than anything you've heard. Even though they've much evolved from the super lo-fi scrappy 8-track recordings of their early days, the music remains timeless and truthful and unaffected by modern tastes. Read more about the band here.

Now here's some items currently on sale on Etsy that'll help you achieve the look ...

From Newton Street Vintage on Etsy, vintage railroad stripe button up shirt

From My Favorite Vintage on Etsy, vintage work boots

From Lin's Vintage Boutique on Etsy, vintage Big Ben herringbone denim coverall

From Huzzah Vintage on Etsy, vintage gray tweed newsboy cap

From Greatest Friend on Etsy, 1940s grey marl long sleeve work wear shirt

From Janna's Vintage on Etsy, vintage blue suspenders with diamond pattern

From Old Tobacco on Etsy, vintage denim chore jacket

From Cairo Vintage on Etsy, wool and cotton henley thermal

From Country Presence on Etsy, vintage well-worn felt cowboy hat & palm leaf cowboy hat

from Carolina Roses on Etsy, vintage men's fedora hat

Saturday, February 5, 2011

BLUE VALENTINE Country Mouse Pins!

The newest addition to the City and Country Mouse Pin Family - BLUE VALENTINE Country Mouse Pins, made with authentic Depression Era feedsack fabrics and inspired by our upcoming hobo-themed wedding.

This is BLUE VALENTINE no. 1
Green gingham ears and blue, yellow, green print heart patch with embroidered arrow
For sale in my Etsy shop right now!

I have 2 more almost finished that I should be listing in the next few days...


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Adelaide's Homesewn and Chelsea Donoho, our wedding photographer

 This post features my two favorite Kansas City residents, Maria Casteel of Adelaide's Homesewn, Etsy Vintage shop, and Chelsea Donoho, photographer extraordinaire. I first saw Chelsea's work on Maria's blog last September when the two got together for an interview and vintage photoshoot. At the time I had just started looking for a wedding photographer and I knew right away when I saw Chelsea's work that I wanted her to shoot our hobo wedding. Her photos have the perfect vintage feel! AND, she's agreed to come all the way from K.C. to do the job! 

1940s Flower Pot Dress by Maria at Adelaide's Homesewn
Photo by Chelsea Donoho

1930s Green Polka Dot Dress by Maria at Adelaide's Homesewn
Photo by Maria

1940s Leafy Green Dress by Maria at Adelaide's Homesewn
Photo by Chelsea Donoho

1930s Floral Dress by Maria at Adelaide's Homesewn
Photo by Maria

That's Maria on the far left. Make sure to check out her shop often for lots more pretty 30s and 40s era dresses! Read Chelsea's interview with Maria, and see LOTS more of Chelsea's photos, on Chelsea's blog here.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Hobo Postcard Collection


Lucy and Ethel in "Prêt-à-Burlap"

When I posted about the "Original Feed Sack Dress", Brian's Aunt Liz told me about this hilarious episode of "I Love Lucy". So fashion forward ...

The Original Sack Dress

Just bought this on Ebay for $40! The "Original Sack Dress" in original package from 1958. I say I might wear this as my wedding dress if it fits ... with a rope around my waist as a belt...