Monday, February 28, 2011

MENDED 1930s dress

1930s feedsack dress mended with care by Souvenir Souvenir at Etsy
A one of a kind treasure and affordably priced at  $98



  1. I love your blog! So many lovely dresses.

  2. Hey Sarah and Box,
    You guys seem like genuinely nice people. Don't let the internet hate machine get you down. The wedding theme was a little offensive, but people are going way overboard with it. You clearly weren't being malicious but most of the people coming after you guys definitely are. Just let the haters rant, stop reading and replying to their responses, and it will all blow over soon when they find more chinese resellers to incinerate or something. Don't let what a few mouthy internet folks say ruin your special day forever. They're just mean people who are acting more hurt about it than they really are because now they have an excuse to be rude, and they're all going to forget about this fairly quickly. You didn't really hurt anyone or mean to hurt anyone, you were just a little insensitive with your word choice, and everyone jumped on it because it was Tuesday night and nothing good was on TV. Theme aside, your wedding looked spectacular and everyone looked so happy and I wish more weddings were that fun and unconventional. I know it's difficult but don't take the flaming personally. These people don't know you personally, and haven't taken the time to think about your intentions, so what they have to say is completely removed from how they would actually feel if they knew you. I hope you have a better week, and I'm sorry you got targeted by the angry mob.