Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seeking Afforadable Depression-Era Dresses

One of the main reasons Brian and I started this blog was to inform our hobo wedding guests about Depression Era clothing so they, too, can dress the part. Over the past year I have been collecting 1930s dresses, particularly those made from patterned feedsack fabric, for myself and my bridesmaids to wear. Color photos of period clothing are scarce and wearable garments from the 1930s can be hard to find and often expensive. Here's some dresses I've found on Etsy that would be appropriate for a casual affair like our back yard hobo wedding, all authentic Depression era garments, all under $100.

1930s Day Dress by Urban Eccentric Vintage at Etsy

Cocoa and Cream Day Dress by Dolly Birds Vintage at Etsy

1930s Pink Floral Sheer Cotton Dress by Exquisite Bones at Etsy

1930s Vintage BUDDING FLOWER Dress by Greatest Friend at Etsy

1920s-30s Sweet Canteloupe Gingham Dress by Adelaide's Homesewn at Etsy

Remember family and friends, the key is to dress comfortably so you can have a fun time! You're not required to dress in authentic 1930s clothing, just encouraged to! More inspirations soon ...



  1. oh! look at all the pretties. my favourite is the Urban Eccentric number. (wolf whistle) :)

  2. Me, too, Jenny! I might have to buy it. Maria (Adelaide's Homesewn) offered it to me before she listed it, but I hesitated for some reason. She'll be at the wedding so maybe she should wear it. :)

  3. I love that one too Jenny!! Also coco and cream and budding flower! I think budding flower is more my style :) Go for it Sarah