Friday, November 12, 2010

Affordable Depression Era Dress Cont. ...

I just noticed some of the 1930s era dresses I posted last month have sold, so here's an updated list. All of these are also under $100 and in a variety of sizes. Enjoy!
1930s Work A Day Feedsack Dress from Fab Gabs on Etsy

1930s Floral Silk Embroidered Linen Dress from The Littlest Sister on Etsy

1930s VIGNETTE Cotton Voile Dress from Dear Golden on Etsy

1930s Rayon Floral Day Dress from Pop-Up Vintage on Etsy

1930s-40s Dotted Swiss Floral Dress from Time Bomb Vintage on Etsy

1940s Blushing Primrose Dress from Bone Lace on Etsy


  1. dude i totally want that last pink one.

  2. I have been wanting that one, too. The seller is super sweet! BUY BUY! :)